Classic Slot Car Racing Association

Above: Bryan King’s static display at the November 2009 "Half-Tonners" meeting, with his concours-winning Ferrari on the right.

Photo courtesy of Dave Wisdom.


Here you can find images of some of the best cars seen at races in recent years, from events on the ‘retro’ circuit around the UK. To see more pictures, and learn about the races the cars competed in, search in the Slot Forum Events section.

Above: Maurizio Primo’s concours-winning 1/24 Cobra from the 2010 "Double Trouble" meeting at Wellingborough. .

Photo courtesy of Franco Uliano.

Above: Rob Davies’ very nice Sunbeam Rapier, with came second in Concours and fourth in the semi-final race at  Wolves’ "EuroSaloons" meeting.

Photo courtesy of Dave Wisdom.

Above: On the start line for a Pre-1934 GP race at the 2007 North London CSCRA meet.

Below: A great racing shot by Pete Shepherd - a 1/32 Ferrari 250 drifting around ‘the sweeper’, the wide fast bend at the end of the main straight on the WSC Scalex track during the 2011 "Double Trouble" event.

Below: This fabulous Marmon Wasp by Ralph Parker won the concours prize at the 2007 CSCRA Retro event at North London Society of Model Engineers.

Below: Joel Thura’s beautiful 1/24 Alfa ‘periscopo’ on track for concours judging at the 2009 Wellingborough Double Trouble meeting.

Above: Steve Francis’ evocatively weathered Talbot Lago in action at the 2008 Classic Open meeting at Wellingborough.

Above: George Kimber’s concours-winning Lotus from the 2010 D3 Festival retro meeting at Wellingborough.

Above: What goes into a very successful car - Mick Kerr’s Mercedes 154 has won multiple race and concours prizes.

Above: Mick Kerr’s Mercedes and Mike Wall’s Ferrari took first and second in concours at the 2010 "Yorkley Race Day" meeting.

Above: The late Mac Pinches’ 1963 Ferrari 156 ‘aero’ GP car, showing the resin casts from a hand-carved body, cast driver figures and wheel inserts, and brass chassis. from the 2009 Wolves ""Half-Tonner" meeting.